site history

The very first version of this site was created back in early 2001 using NetObjekts Fusion, looked pretty crappy and had no real content (I guess that's how all private sites start). A funny thing about this site is that the homepage states "optimized for Internet Explorer 5" while on a subpage I recommend Opera as my favorite browser.

thumbnail of my site in 2001

The next version, created in 2002, was already created in a texteditor, no more wysiwyg tools. There still wasn't much content, I just had some public domain stuff there. The page itself consisted of 4! frames, 1 for title, 2 for navigation and 1 for content. An interesting point about this site is that there was a flash and a html+images version, both of which looked almost exactly the same. Don't ask me why I had those 2 versions :-)

thumbnail of my site in 2002

2003 version of this site used rounded fields in different shapes of blue for the navigation and a half-transparent box with rounded corners for the content. I still think the layout looks pretty neat, if it just wouldn't use that many images.

thumbnail of my site in 2003

Btw, I created this page because I think it's nice to see how your work changes over the years and what stupid stuff you did years ago :-)